Friday, December 09, 2005

the results are in

okay i just finished watching "the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe" and i feel i am ready to make a few statements regarding it. first, i don't feel like i have to go and kill anybody for doing a terrible job with one of my favorite books of all times (except for maybe liam neeson and whoever wrote the ASLAN parts). second;y, i need to admit that i had incredibly high expectations. i love this book. i first read it when i was a freshman in college and trying to keep from studying for my first series of finals. i read it as a 19 year old and i balled like a baby. i have read the book probably close to fifteen times since then and i still ball like a baby when i read it. so i'm probably not the best critic of the movie. if i had my way they would never change a thing about it. still i'll try to express some of my feelings in regards to the movie.

i thought the movie did an excellent job of convey the character of the kids. they were great. lucy was awesome and the change in edmund was great. i felt like you really had a good idea who each of them were. i also believe that the movie did a very good job of conveying the circumstances of narnia. you could tell the changes that were happening. i loved the scene where they killed ASLAN. i'll take that scene over all of mel gibson's "passion of the CHRIST." it was tremendous in conveying the sacrifice, the violence, the controlled strength, the sadness, and the pain. it was great.

i was very let down by the overall character of ASLAN. in the books you know why the kids love, and yet still fear, ASLAN. as you read you begin to understand the mixed emotions of desperately desiring to touch ASLAN's mane but never ever actually being willing to do it without permission. HE is the lion that all the righteous love and yet stand in awe of. HE is simply not a safe lion. so much of what i understand CHRIST to be like has come from understanding a little concerning ASLAN. i don't feel like the movie conveyed that sense. ASLAN was almost chummy. it was very disappointing to me.

still i was very pleased by the movie. i am even more pleased that my kids are playing a video game right now and randomly shouting out "for narnia" and my family is interested in reading the book again. if those two things are the only good to come out of the movie then it was worth it.


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