Saturday, November 12, 2005

mosiac manhatten

sunday pam and i went to mosiac manhattan church pam had seen it previously mentioned on tony jones' blog. it was a great service. the pastor, gregg farah, had great video as a part of the service.

awhile back i had signed up on the ship of fools to be one of their mystery worshippers. a "mystery worshipper" critiques their worship experience at a church. it's all done in a very positive (and helpful) manner. unfortunately, i didn't bring a "mystery worshipper" card with me and therefore i didn't do anything (you're supposed to leave a card when you do it). there were plenty of things that i liked about the church. here are a few:
  • everyone wore nametags.
  • the music was worshipful and fun - it seemed obvious that the band was enjoying themselves and that made it easy for everyone else to do the same.
  • greg farah's message was very good - good points, good depth
  • the video they made to convey one of farah's points was hillarious

it was a good service.

len recommended the journey but unfortunately i received it too late. it looks like a interesting church too.


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