Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"lost" retreat

this weekend is our annual fall retreat (we call it the JESUS project). though a little stressed (it's been a very weird year at parkview and baton rouge) i am very excited about the retreat. it finally feels like everything is pulling together for the retreat. better late than never i guess. i'll detail out some of the details:
  • the entire weekend is based on the 15th chapter of luke - the lost chapter: lost sheep, lost coin, lost son. each day is dealing with a different parable from the chapter and has a different emphasis. they are: 1)the lost sheep - being lost, 2)the lost coin - being found/home, 3)the lost son - being celebrated over.
  • i'm trying allot of active/visual/kinetic teaching within the weekend. we've sent out puzzle pieces to some of the kids and will have them make the puzzle on stage while i am speaking saturday (the expectation is that some will be lost). we'll send a video feed of the group putting the puzzle together. we're doing a written version of lectio divina and taking the words that the student write out and surrounding the worship service with them. there will be other things also.
  • we're hiding a random sheep statue (small) on the campus and whenever the students find it we are going to break into a serious party - music, cake, poppers, shouting, etc. i want them to remember the celebration of finding that sheep.
  • the office staff and i designed a prayer service each night that takes everyone through stations that detail out the meaning of the weekend. if they don't get the preaching or the teaching but do get the prayer service they'll still understand the entire weekend's message.

there's allot of other stuff too but since i know a couple of students read this every now and then i won't post the specifics right now. needless to say i'm very excited.

above is the final product of my "sheep" design that i posted earlier.


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