Friday, December 09, 2005

walmart boycott

to my knowledge there are presently two different faith groups that are boycotting wal-mart during CHRISTmas. one group, jerry falwell's church, is boycotting walmart because they said "happy holidays instead of "merry CHRISTmas" in their advertising. the other group,, is boycotting walmart during the holidays because of unfair employment practices (you can view the group's walmart ad here). i haven't personally researched all of's claims so i can't personally speak on whether i want to support it yet or not but i do believe their call for a boycott has more reason than fallwell's call for a boycott because of advertising that says "happy holidays."

which do you think JESUS would be more concerned with? personally i am not against boycotting businesses based on faith based concerns. i think there are definite times for doing. it's just that allot of believers pick really stupid things to boycott over. we believers look stupid when some of our fellow CHRISTians boycott over semantics rather than standing up for justice. i believe JESUS would stand up for justice and not worry too much about non-believing corporations with obvious loyalty to mammon saying "happy holidays."


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