Thursday, December 15, 2005

alt.worship & film questions

i've had a passion for alt.worship for a couple of years now. awhile back i started meeting with a friend of mine (j.t.) in hopes of setting up something in baton rouge on a monthly basis. j.t. was the perfect person for this because he knows tons of people. unfortunately for me j.t. moved to houston. i still have the desire to begin an alt.worship experience but i no longer have the person who has all the contacts. so i have to start from ground zero. i'm not real good at starting from ground zero. i'm still going to work on this thing but right now i have to do research just to figure out what my first few steps should be. if anyone has any experience with this type of stuff i would be very thankful for your help.

do any of you have any experience with film discussion groups? i would love to find a group in my area that deals with faith and film. the questions that films are bringing up amazing. i would love to find a group of people interested in where faith and film connect.


  • i've got a tonne of movie discussion resources over at and then theres

    check out jonsons book useless beauty as well, also his book reel faith...

    By Anonymous darren, at Wednesday, December 21, 2005 4:36:00 AM  

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