Sunday, September 11, 2005

we're hosting a church!

i love the time my city is in right now. i hate all that hurricane katrina did within the gulf coast but i love being a part of the CHRISTian church's response to the hurricane. for once it is nice to see the church respond correctly. the CHRISTians around baton rouge have been giving their time, resources, homes and their very selves to meet the needs of the evacuees. watching the body of CHRIST actually be the body of CHRIST has been a wonderful experience. mathew 25 has been written all over the events of our time.

one of the ways i have seen matthew 25 at work is in our church hosting another church. celebration church of metairie, louisiana is presently underwater. since the largest number of evacuees from the new orleans metro area are in baton rouge it only makes sense that they would meet in baton rouge. so for the next month to three months our church is hosting their church. we held our services together today (their pastor and our worship leaders) and next week we will provide them with a space so they can have their own service. it should be a wonderful experience.


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