Saturday, September 10, 2005

the greatest moment of my ministry life

tuesday's group
friday was the greatest moment of my ministry life (thus far). wednesday night at the view i spoke about the fact that we are in front of one of the greatest opportunities for ministry that we will ever face in our lives. statistically it is improbable that any of us down here in baton rouge will ever be on the front lines of response to such a devastating catastrophe again in our life times. this means that we will be judged for all of our lives and eternity based on how we respond now. most likely this is our one and only shot to do things right.

based on this i told the kids and the adults in the room that they needed to live their lives at present based on the desire to have as little regret as possible. allot of people say they "have no regrets" but they are either lying or have a really bad memory. most people have tons of regrets. thirty years from now i don't want to regret not having done enough to help the evacuees of hurricane katrina. so i asked to the students and adults at the view to consider where JESUS would be during this disaster and respond appropriately. i told them i was convinced that JESUS would be at the shelters and i invited them to check out of school and take vacation time and join me there. i actually got to tell kids in front of their parents that their school work, sports, and activities are not as important as meeting the needs that are in front of us. i have to admit that i loved telling everyone this.

thursday the phone calls started coming in but none of them were negative. all of them were about getting more information. the parents that called were more concerned with when their kids needed to be there than they were concerned with their kids missing school or activities.

friday i had six teens skip school and go to the shelter with me. there were as many students at the shelter as there were college students and adults. i think i smiled the whole time. seeing kids skip school to answer matthew 25 is quite possibly the greatest moment of my ministry life.


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