Friday, September 09, 2005

now i see if it is real

i know i haven't posted very much lately - life has been busy.

over the past six months my wife and i have been really struggling with the concept of hospitality. actually pam has been the one delving into it and i have merely followed along for the ride as i have heard her explain how important this concept is within scripture. my wife is always very far ahead of me when it comes to the things of GOD. the biblical concept of hospitality involves opening your life up to those who are strangers within your community.

well as of tonight we will find out if what we have been dealing with and studying is actually real or not. we now have three hurricane katrina evacuees living with us. a friend of ours found out these two sisters and a daughter were living in their car. pam and i talked about it and decided to ask them to stay with us. they have an apartment that will be available september 28 or so. thus they will only be living with us for three weeks of so. until this evening we had never met this family before. this should be an interesting experiment. i'm fairly sure that our lives and the lives of our kids will never be the same.


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