Monday, September 05, 2005

trying to stay up to date

where's my wife?
i'm sorry i haven't done a better job of posting entries up on this blog. i know some of you who read this thing are not from baton rouge, or the gulf coast, and therefore aren't any the middle of this thing. i'll try to post a little more so you'll know what's going on.

some really cool things continue to happen around here in the midst of the tragedy. i told the people at church yesterday about will and members of the church started responding immediately with offers of shelter in their homes, airline tickets to see his wife, etc., etc. the 100 entergy workers that we have been housing the past week left this morning and donated their cots and supplies. right after they left a group of 80 relief workers from texas called to see if we might have a place they could sleep on the floor. nope! but we more than enough cots for you! :) some of us are actually going up to the chruch today at 1:00 p.m. to set up the cots for the texans so they don't have to do that.

we have a group of nursing home residents from new orleans who lost everything except for the clothes on their backs. we started trying to get them clothes last night. i checked the blog last night and our friend brad, who owns a slik screen printing company, wrote to see if we could use some spare clothes! these senior adults will be the coolest dressed seniors in the world.

we have also received offers of three to four truck loads of supplies. these are from people with whom my wife has contact through some internet forums.

i'll try to keep y'all updated on everything that happens around here.


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