Friday, November 10, 2006

fall retreat challenge video #2

here's the second of three challenge videos describing various challenges that will happen at the beginning of each worship gathering during our fall retreat.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the retreat videoes

as i have posted over the past couple of entries i have mentioned some of the animations i've made for our fall retreat that is coming up next weekend. to goof off a little before each gathering we're going to starteach one with a random "up front" game. to add a little most ziest to these games i've set up sound effects for each one and i am working on videoes to introduce each one. i finished the rough draft on the first one today. this is just the rough cut of the video. i'll be making more changes tomorrow.

swish #2 & other programs

yesterday i posted two of the three intros i had created for our fall retreat using swish. i just finished the third intro a few seconds ago and therefore thought i would post it here also.

here's the intro:

as i have said earlier - i love swish. it is more than powerful enough for the things i need to do and yet simple enough that it doesn't take me forever to create something.

since i'm talking about programs that i enjoy using i figure i'll post a few of my favorite programs that are probably running on my desktop or laptop at this very moment:
  • swish - shockwave flash animation
  • adobe photoshop elements - photoshop lite - does most everything i need from layers to nef conversion for a 1/4 of the price of the real thing.
  • keynote - mac powerpoint - i use it on my laptop.
  • a href="">w.bloggar - blogging client - it's free and it's great. i just wish it was available for my mac.
  • mozilla firefox - the greatest browser around on windows or mac (though i do like safari on the mac also).
  • audacity - free mutlitrack digital recorder.
  • itunes - i was originally all about realplayer but buying an ipod swapped me over

[Listening to: Down Under - Men at Work - Contraband: The Best of Men at Work (3:41)]

Monday, November 06, 2006


i love swish. i like to use it for making intros for messages and variou other things within a worship service or experience. today i worked on a couple of intros for the three worship services that are a part of our fall retreat in a couple of weeks.

here they are:

in your browser they will loop but in mediashout they work just fine.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


i've been avoiding the whoole haggard thing but i do want to say that i like the letter that haggard wrote taking all the blame for the situation & i like mark driscoll's post on the whole situation.