Tuesday, November 07, 2006

swish #2 & other programs

yesterday i posted two of the three intros i had created for our fall retreat using swish. i just finished the third intro a few seconds ago and therefore thought i would post it here also.

here's the intro:

as i have said earlier - i love swish. it is more than powerful enough for the things i need to do and yet simple enough that it doesn't take me forever to create something.

since i'm talking about programs that i enjoy using i figure i'll post a few of my favorite programs that are probably running on my desktop or laptop at this very moment:
  • swish - shockwave flash animation
  • adobe photoshop elements - photoshop lite - does most everything i need from layers to nef conversion for a 1/4 of the price of the real thing.
  • keynote - mac powerpoint - i use it on my laptop.
  • a href="http://wbloggar.com/">w.bloggar - blogging client - it's free and it's great. i just wish it was available for my mac.
  • mozilla firefox - the greatest browser around on windows or mac (though i do like safari on the mac also).
  • audacity - free mutlitrack digital recorder.
  • itunes - i was originally all about realplayer but buying an ipod swapped me over

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