Monday, July 24, 2006

random quote - the ressurrection

there's a story about the writer g.k. chesteron, whose conversion to CHRISTian faith caused a stir in great britain at a time when smart people (and chesterton was brilliant) weren't supposed to believe. so he's standing on a street corner in london when he's approached by a newspaper reporter. "sir, i understand that you recently became a CHRISTian," the reporter says. "may i as you one question?"

"certainly," says chesterton.

"if the risen CHRIST suddenly appeared at this very moment and stood behind you," the reporter inquires, "what would you do?"

and chesterton looks the reporter square in the eyes and replies, "HE is."

brennan manning, posers, fakers, & wannabes, p. 115.
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

random quote - narrow versus broad

it doesn't take a genius to see that religious people to be more narrow than broad.

brennan manning, poser, fakers, & wannabes, p. 90

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

random quote - the goal of work

the goal of work is not to gain wealth and possessions, but to serve the common good and bring glory to GOD.

richard foster, the freedom of simplicity, p. 149.
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freedom of simplicity

i am about to finish richard foster's book "freedom of simplicity" and i need to say that with only two chapters left it is an amazingly butt kicking book. any book by foster is inherently prophetic but always within a real world context. foster offers workable solutions to changing from a complex to a simple life. it is going to take me months and months of conversation with my wife to figure out what this means for us.
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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Statue of Liberation

Statue of Liberation
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god bless america ... and noone else!"

the statue is in memphis at the world overcomers outreach ministries church and cost $250,000 to erect. now that's tithe money that i think some one will have to answer for one day.

just a test

love expired?
i'm just testing right now to see if my "post by email" option works.

i've stopped posting as much over the past two months because i've
been focused on other things. some of these are:

1)i've been focusing on my photography -
which is just too much fun.
2)i've decided that i want to run a 5k (and then maybe move up to a
10k, etc.) and i started's couch to
training program. this week i am running 2.5 miles sunday,
tuesday, and thursday (i'm on week 7).
3)it's the summer and therefore the youth ministry has me jumping
all over the place.

still i enjoy typing into this blog and my other blog and so i'm
starting to do it again.

first impressionism

First Impressionism
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i haven't blogged in forever (which is about two to three months for me. this is just a quick entry to say that i will begin blogging again and to point you to this very cool photo. a community decided it wanted to re-enact seurat's “saturday in the park with friends". way cool idea.