Thursday, December 21, 2006

growing & going

within the households of our friends and our own it has become a tradition during the CHRISTmas season to write a "year in review" newsletter. pam and i always look forward to reading these. this year we've noticed a trend - some of our friends write nothing about themselves within their newsletters. they describe the changes that their kids have gone through but nothing of themselves. pam and i started talking about this and we are convinced that part of the reason for this may be that they have not changed any during the past year. their kids have grown and developed and thus need to be re-described to everyone. whenever someone grows they need to be "re-described" because they have changed. you can see this in the newsletters we enjoy the most. in these newsletters our friends describe themselves again because they have grown during the year. they have learned new things, developed within things that they were already a part of - they've grown.

of course, this probably isn't true. these friends probably have grown and developed and they were just so excited about their kids that they forgot to mention it. i'm thankful for their newsletters because they remind me that i want to continue growing and developing throughout my life.

Monday, December 18, 2006

i want this ringtone

last night during our interim pastor's speech during our church's choir musical someone's phone rang. that's not too big of a surprise because random ringtones are a common occurrence within modern gatherings. this ringtone was great because it was the cricket sound you always hear on t.v. when something boring is happening. it went off twice during his talk. i nearly busted out loud laughing.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

random quote - crucifixion

a crucified messiah, son of GOD or GOD must have seemed a contradiction in terms to anyone, jew, greek, roman, or barbarian, asked to believe such a claim, and it will certainly have been thought offensive and foolish.

--martin hengel, crucifixion, p. 10.

i particularly like it when hengel demonstrates that "madness" or "amentia" may be a better modern translation of "?????" (folly) than the kjv translation "folly."

[Listening to: 'Til I Met You - The Swift - The Swift (3:52)]

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

terminator to save the day

we used this tonight.