Tuesday, January 31, 2006

discipleNOW '06

for the past 9 years i have been writing my own small group material for the discipleNOW of the youth ministries i have been involved with. for those who don't know what a discipleNOW is i will briefly explain - it's a weekend retreat where you group kids and adults in small groups of 8 to 12 for in home bible studies - we use 4 small group bible studies and three large group worship times. anyway i started writing my own material because i didn't really like any of the other material i could get at the time (except for student discipleship's back to the basics curriculum which i do really enjoy). i had looked at several other youth minister's self-published material and pam, my cute and intelligent wife, said "you can do that." so i decided to try and suddenly found out that i enjoyed doing it. so i started writing my own material.

of course, this means that i have to finish it in time for my leqaders to have a few weeks with it. this means that i have about 4 weeks to finish it. right now i would say that i am about a third of the way through. that's not as far as i would like. so i need to really start churning the stuff out.

here's the shockwave flash file we are using as an announcement during our announcement slide loop.

[Listening to: Show Me Heaven - Delirious? - Touch (3:24)]


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