Thursday, January 19, 2006

the bell

i may be the only youth minister in the world who doesn't survive off of taco bell. i hate the place. it's cheap, nasty food (and i am being generous by calling it food). awhile back i encouraged the teens within the youth ministry to boycott the bell because of unfair employment practices with the coalition of immokalee workers. this was an easy boycott for me because i can't stand taco bell. the only thing that changed for me because of the boycott was that i simply stopped using taco bell for the teens during youth ministry trips and such. that hit them but truthfully didn't change much for me. the boycott has ended because taco bell has begun to treat the immokalee fairly. my eatting habits concerning the bell still did not change. until last night.

last night i needed to met with a teen who is going through his boy scout "god and me" badge. he asked if we could meet at taco bell and i reluctantly agreed. i decided i would try a taco and a burrito. this was, of course, a huge mistake. for the rest of the evening my stomach rebelled. it growled, it lurched, it protested to the point that i understood it's message ... "don't put this junk in me!" i have now promised to my stomach that i will not try this mess again.


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