Thursday, January 19, 2006

podcasts i like right now

here are the podcast that are getting the most playtime on my ipod right now:
  • 2 minute photoshop tricks - photoshop - the name says it all.
  • cinecast - great movie reviews - i don't always agree with them but i love listening to them being wrong about a movie.
  • grace church - sermons - this is grant's church and the sermons that come out of it.
  • mars hill / rob bell - rob bell sermons - okay this isn't actually a podcast but i wish it was. i go and download the messages all the time. i wish they would put it in an rss/atom format so i could simply subscribe to it and have it downloaded automatically.
  • martin bailey photography - photography - the guy takes great photos and then describes how he took them.
  • media moment - ministry - discussion on using media within ministry.
  • onion radio news - satire - america's greatest news source.
  • relevant podcast - relevant magazine - it's relevant magazine in a podcast with a great caramel filling.
  • the view - youth ministry sermons - okay this is self promotion for what we do within the youth ministry but it is my list after all.
  • the word nerds - etymology - i love learning about words. these guys usually do a good job of discussing ideas concerning why words mean certain things.
  • youth specialties - youth ministry - the podcast from the greatest publisher of youth ministry stuff.
i have other podcasts on the ipod but they are listened to as faithfully. i'll update this as it changes.


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