Monday, October 24, 2005

oh yeah!

i just got through reading dan kimball's latest blog entry on why youth ministry is so important and it was wonderful. it's nice to see when senior pastor's get youth ministry. so many pastors think they "get it" because most everyone of them have been a "youth minister" for a few months or a couple of years. they held a youth ministry position while they waited "to move up the ladder" to a senior pastor position. just look around and you'll see that almost every senior pastor has held sometime time of short term youth ministry position. thus they think they know what youth ministry is all about.

that's why it doesn't make any sense at all when they ignore youth ministry, treat it like a baby-sitting service, or treat it like it's just a way to entertain teens. that's what makes dan kimball's post so great - he gets it.


  • Hey, you don't know me but I try to keep up with youth ministry blogs through and yours popped up today. I just wanted to comment that I cannot agree with you more about those who view youth ministry as a "stepping stone" to pastoral ministry. It's one of my peeves because I've unfortunately seen this attitude destroy both the ministry and the minister on more than one occasion. That's not to say that God's calling on an individual's life doesn't shift focus as years go by, but to go into youth ministry with the perception of "I have to do this and practice on little people before I can do it with real people" makes me pretty mad.

    It's awesome that we both have the privlege of working with sr. pastors who understand ministry, it's value, and are completely supportive both in success and mistakes. I definitely consider myself blessed and I know you feel the same.

    Keep up the awesome work in the sacred task the Lord has set before you! :-)

    By Anonymous Tim, at Monday, October 24, 2005 10:44:00 PM  

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