Wednesday, October 26, 2005

it just gets better and better

i would like to say that i hate the brag about the great gift that that the walters have given to me by giving me one of their "family passes" for the houston u2 concert but that would be a lie. i love the fact that it seems to get better and better.

today, sharon informed me that david, her husband who drives for u2, has been able to get us the appropriate wrist bands for us to be in the circle of the stage. oh yeah! i'm going to be in the circle! oh cool is that?

of course, it only got better when sharon also said that david had also rigged it for us get to be inside the venue while things are being setup staging, lighting, possible sound check, etc. again, how cool is that? i also get to bring in my camera and take all the pictures i want. i am very excited about this.


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