Saturday, October 22, 2005

back home

up on the roof
after a week in philadelphia i am back home. as some of you know i went to the simple way, an intentional CHRISTian community (basically a bunch of believers living in the inner city and trying to make a difference). it was allot of fun. i'll talk about it more later.

i heard a rumor that some at parkview thought i was gone to another church "in view of a call" (this is part of the process of a southern baptist minister moving from one church to another). anytime things are tense at a southern baptist church and a minister goes off for a little while it is likely that some will think that he/she is at another church and considering leaving the old church. of course, that is not where i am right now. pam and i both feel secure that we are supposed to be at parkview during this time. they'll have to fire me to get rid of me. of course, pam and i will be going to new york/ohio in november and then colorado in december so people will have another option to speculate concerning me leaving ... when it isn't actually happening.


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