Monday, October 10, 2005

the end is near

after a long time of waiting i get to go to the simple way this saturday. i'm going to spend a week with the folks at simple way and i am very excited about it. i can't really tell you why i'm going all the way to philadelphia to just hang out with a group of people that i don't know. i was asked today if it was a conference or something. nope, not really. i heard the story of the simple way starting when i heard a message from shane claiborne and at that time i thought "hey, i would like to meet those people." i called them up and they said okay. since then i've read a bunch of stuff that they sent and recommended and it has only increased my desire to meet them.

i really can't wait to get there.

here's the post on the reading pack they sent me to read. the other source they recommended was schools for conversion which is a book written by a combination of people who are involved within the new monasticism movement. i've read about half of it thus far and i have been very impressed with it. i especially enjoyed shane claiborne's chapter on downward mobility.


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