Wednesday, January 11, 2006

goodbye old friend?

marko describes in his blog the separation of youthworker journal and youth specialties. it's a sad day. i have always loved youthworker journal. it has been a constant source of encouragement and challenging thought. my wife, a speech pathologist, loved it so much that she would complain if i didn't bring my new issues home with me from church.

youthworker journal may be just as good in the future even without youth specialties involvement but i have serious doubts about it. i hope it continues to be an amazing periodical. i'm not sure that a company whose major business is "CHRISTian radio" (if there is any such thing) will have the right focus to be able to challenge the status quo and comfort at the same time. i sure hope they can ... or i hope someone else, like youth specialties, starts another periodical.


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