Sunday, May 08, 2005 East Waynesville Baptist Church pastor says nobody ousted for political beliefs East Waynesville Baptist Church pastor says nobody ousted for political beliefs
this is absurd - just in case you haven't heard about this click the link and read the article. there seems to be some dispute concerning whether or not the pastor of this church kicked members out of the church because they voted democratic. yet to me it is blatantly obvious that there was a republican agenda was pushed within the church.

first statement - why do they always have to be baptist?
    every time i hear a news report concerning CHRISTians doing something stupid all i can think is "please don't let them be baptists!" i don't really want any CHRISTians getting bad press (or more particular doing anything stupid in the first place) but it just seems like my denomination has more than it's share of bonehead moments.

second statement - when are we evangelicals going to be more concerned with doing what GOD wants within politics rather than just being pawns of a political party - republican or democrat?
    it simply blows my mind to think of how we american CHRISTians have sold ourselves to political parties instead of standing up and speaking prophetically to all involved within the political process.

stop the insanity!


  • Amen to that!

    If we are truly prophetic politically, we will be challenging both parties.

    Here's the thing--this is an especially egregious example, but is it really that unusual for Baptists to believe Christian Democrat is an oxymoron? I think the belief is really quite common, which is perhaps why only 9 people were ousted from East Waynesville, and only 40 walked out with them.


    By Anonymous Meg, at Sunday, May 08, 2005 10:04:00 PM  

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