Friday, February 11, 2005

blogger comments

HURRAY! blogger has updated their comments! now non-blogger users can post comments with their name and website. ah, yes. it's good.

SIDE NOTE - i uploaded the summary video from our fall JESUS project retreat. i made the video in imovie and therefore the format is quicktime rather than the usual realmedia that i publish the other movie files in. i'm not very pleased with this video. i wish it moved a little faster. it feels like every scene last about 4 seconds too long. it makes for a slow feel through out the whole video. of course, i made the video in the 30 minutes before our last worship service on the sunday that the retreat ended so i guess the video is as good as time allows. i really need to figure out how to use final cut express 2. i've just been too lazy to really dig into the program and figure the whole thing out.


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