Wednesday, February 09, 2005

the view - february, 2005

for the next several weeks at the view we are doing messages based on teens questions that they put in a fish bowl each week. some of the questions are serious and some of them or not so serious. tonight we discussed:
  • was jonah swallowed by a fish or a whale? a question came back to how do we understand scripture: as a book of facts or as a message meant to convey GOD's good news to a hurting world.
  • is satan a homo? we answered this be means of a video that we had allot of fun with.
  • faith or works?
  • what is robert's favorite color? we answered this with another video

it made for a somewhat disjointed night but it was still fun and the discussions on "jonah" and "works" brought up some really good discussion that is needed within the youth ministry.


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