Friday, April 08, 2005


after a little bit of effort and allot of time waiting for the youth ministry domain name to kick back into gear i have finally been able to set us up with podcasting ability. here's what i had to do:
  • obviously we had to convert the audio from our youth service to an mp3 format and store it on our website.
  • next, i set up a blogger site for the mp3 files so that i can use it's atom feed. i set the "link" feature of the post to the url of the mp3 file and just for extra insurance i setup the text of the post as a link to the url of the mp3 file.
  • third, i went to feed burner and used their smartcast feature (it's under the "additional services" section of the feed you set up with feed burner). this gave me a new site feed url. this is the address that i have posted for people to subscribe too. the site feed for receiving the podcast is

now we can podcast our worship services to anyone who wishes to automatically download the mp3 files of our weekly services. sometimes i love technology.


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